Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Natural cleaning products - use the safer option

ARE YOUR CLEANSERS MAKING YOU SICK? Chances are, many of the traditional cleaners in your home's cabinets contain potentially dangerous toxins that promote illness, fatigue, and disease.
Recent studies have shown that most households/offices contain over 63 hazardous products which in turn contain hundreds of chemicals. These chemicals can potentially harm you or your children and also your pets if not used with the utmost caution. Eliminate this potential problem by using natural chemical products and be safe.

KEEP IT CLEAN AND NATURAL with Veriuni™ environmentally- and family-safe cleansers. Vigorous cleaning action. All-natural ingredients. None of the potentially dangerous irritants and toxins found in traditional cleaners. Find out more at

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Face Shape - Which one are you?

Many women put on makeup with total disregard for their face shape and yet which make up you choose is so important in relation to your face shape. To enhance the best bits and hide the not so good bits.

  • Round Face
    This is usually combined with a small nose,and can because of its shape is often thought of as being chubby. Drew Barrymore and Emma Bunton are two well known faces who have this face shape.

  • Square Face
    Because the jaw seen from the side is almost at right angles to the jaw bone. this accentuates the upper third of the face. This in turn gives the face as soft almost doe eyed look.
    Audrey Hepburn has this face shape.

  • The Long face

    This shape is defined by a strong jaw and can sometimes give the impression of hardness, and sometimes horse-like future. It is important to use make up to soften these features.
    Jerry Hall and Jennifer Aniston are two women with this shape face.

  • The heart shaped face.
    This is usually defined by Wide cheekbones and often a pointy chin.Many women with this face shape have a girlie feminine look.
    Helen Bonham carter and Madonna