Tuesday, 30 September 2008

What is alternative medicine and how can it help?

Alternative medicine, natural remedies, have been around a long time and although mucn more acceptable,there is a lot of reluctance to admit to people especially our doctors, that we are interested or indeed trying some of these out.
A government survey in 2004 concluded that some form of alternative medicine and healing was used by more than a third of adults. Because of the stigma attached, many people do not like to admit or even discuss them with their doctors, or health practitioners.

Alternative medicines have been used for centuries, long before 'traditional' medicines were available. This is not to say that they always worked, yet today we use many products that were originally created from natural ingredients, such as aspirin from willow bark, digitalis which is from foxglove, and even opium which is from the poppy. Heart disease, cancer, weight problems, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure are all ailments that may be helped if not eradicated with alternative medicine.

Conventional medicines are not always available to all patients due to restrictions for example where you live. Many treatments can also be very complicated.Times are slowly changing and many doctors and healthcare workers are realising the benefits of alternative treatments, for both everyday complaints and more serious illnessess. One of these is the changes of diet that can be made to alleviate problems, such as diabetes, skin ailments, helping to boost our immune system, and even infertility.

There are many different alternative medicine systems, around at present such as Ayurveda, Herbalism, Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese medicine. Believe it or not there are over 2,000 herbs are available in many Chinese Herbalist practitioners pharmacies. What do we do when there is not medical help readily available, or if the treatment doctors are giving you is not working, do we try another doctor and another.

Not everybody will want to take the alternative route, but what do you have to lose, If we could do away with some of the prescription drugs we maybe taking surely this would be a benefit.
Although we have come a long way in medical technology we still tend to look for the cure rather than preventing the onset of many ailments, surely prevention is better than cure. There are many foods that can help us and natural plants and herbs that can assist us in our health and well being, Alternative medicine could be the answer you are looking for, it could change the way you
live your life.